From this page you can access our Quarterly Newsletters as well as Policy Documents, Annual Reports and other publications which are relevant to CHAI’s services. Please check back regularly for updates.

Quarterly Newsletters: 

We produce quarterly newsletters to update our clients on our work and on legislation changes related to welfare rights, housing and debt law. Our newsletters also include tips on how to maximise your income and avoid benefits problems.

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Our latest issue:

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Consultation Documents:

CHAI occasionally responds to national and local consultations. Recent consultation responses and briefing notes will be posted here.

Business Plans:

CHAI Business Plan 2021-23

CHAI Business Plan 2018 – 2021

Annual Reports:

CHAI Annual Report 2021/22
CHAI Annual Report 2020/21

CHAI Annual Report 2019/20

CHAI Annual Report 2018/19

CHAI Annual Report 2016/17

CHAI Annual Report 2015/16

CHAI Annual Report 2014/15

Maximise! Impact Reports:

Maximise! Impact Report 2019-20

Policies and other Resources:

CHAI Organizational Structure

CHAI Suggestions and Complaints Procedure

CHAI Customer Care Policy and Data Protection and Privacy Statement

CHAI Confidentiality Policy

CHAI Diversity Statement

CHAI Volunteer Confidentiality Policy and Agreement